1. Do you have parking? Yes. There is a municipal parking lot across the street from the studio. (no longer free in summer) 2. Do I have to be a “dancer” to attend a class at Perspirology? Not at all! We like to call this workout “user friendly.” The dance aerobics routines are more about the cardio than the choreography. 3. What class should I start with? This varies from client to client. If you are just starting a fitness routine after some time off, then the LAB class is the best place to start! This class is perfect for all levels of fitness and allows everyone to work within their own capacity. However, if you are not new to exercise, you may want to try our Fundamentals class for your first time. 4. I really don’t like the idea of dance aerobics. Do you have a class that doesn’t involve much or any dancing that is still challenging? Yes. If you are up for a challenge but don’t love dance aerobics, then our AP (Agility and Precision) class is for you! This flows more like a bootcamp/interval training class, but with a focus on using ones own body in weight bearing/muscle-fatiguing exercises. Additionally, our Fundamentals class only has 15 mins of cardio as the “warm-up” and the remaining 45 mins. is focused toning work. 5. Do you have showers at your facility? Yes. 6. Is my first class really free? Yes! So, please read the class descriptions to find the perfect fit for you. When in doubt, please don’t hesitate to call or email us for assistance in class placement. 7. Where are you located? We are located in Sea Bright, NJ. (Directly across from the Sea Bright public beach.) We have a beautiful view of the ocean from our 3rd floor studio. 8. What will I need to bring for class? We provide the towels, mats, and all necessary equipment. You may want to bring a water bottle. If you forget yours, you can purchase one at the front desk. You will need sneakers for all classes except our LAB class, which is done barefoot. 9. I consider myself a good dancer. Can I take your BURN or 101 class to start? You can always take any class you want to start. We often warn our new clients that 101 and BURN have a learning curve. The dance aerobics portion will have routines that many clients already have learned, so these classes will move at a faster pace. The routines are not extremely difficult, but do take a few classes to become familiar. Bottom line: Cardio is cardio! When in doubt… Keep moving and have fun! As you keep attending the 101 and BURN classes, these routines will fall into place. 10. What can I expect from the studio environment? Perspirology is a boutique fitness studio with a clean, upscale feel. We pride ourselves in making each client feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they walk in the door.

We like to compare our actual workout environment to a warm summer day. This is to keep the body safe and flexible, as many of the movements we perform within the classes will challenge one’s range of motion in addition to strength.
11. Do you offer a student discount? Yes. We offer a 15% off student discount with a valid student ID.

*Discounts are only available in studio.
12. Can I bring my child to the studio while I am working out? As much as we love meeting our client's children, we unfortunately don't allow them at the studio. We apologize for the inconvenience.